Bush Walking

The Tasman Municipality comprises the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas; combined they offer the most diverse day walking options in Australia. Choose from 35 fantastic walks in and around Tasman National Park. From 15 min short easy family walks right up to hard, steep, rough tracks for the more adventurous.

“There are long white sandy beaches and rugged sea cliffs up to 300 metres which are the highest in Australia. There are beautiful sheltered rainforests, including the largest remaining tract on Tasmania’s east coast, and diverse coastal heathland with sand dunes that soar above sparkling blue water.”

Peter and Shirley Storey, Peninsula Tracks

IMPORTANT: You must get a National Parks Pass if you wish to enter Tasman National Park and not risk a fine.

TIP! It is best to organise this before you arrive. If you’re not sure which pass to purchase, read this article .

Great Short Walks